PHP Web Developemnt Training

PHP, a website development language, has become very mainstream nowadays and millions of websites are running on it for its being safe and secure. Furthermore, it provides flexible web provisions, which makes it easy to make changes on the website at any time.The present job scenario is highly bent towards web enables services, e-commerce and programming where PHP is the root to step in. PHP is a boon for those who want to pursue their career as programmer.

Seeing the demand of PHP language, we provide 6 weeks/months industrial training in PHP programming and teach you nuts-and-bolts about the straight forwardness and various structures of the language. We have professional web developers who provide live based PHP training, so you can groom better and understand about the IT industry before getting placed in a reputed organization.

What Student Will Learn?
Working with variables and data types
Using if/elseif/else statements to control processing conditionally
Creating programs that include for, while, and do loops to process statements repeatedly
Employing the break, continue, and exit statements to modify default loop behaviors
Creating arrays
How to manipulate strings in PHP using the built-in functions
Maintaining state using cookies, session variables, hidden form fields and query strings
The fundamental techniques necessary to create a shopping cart solution
Using SQL to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE data from tables
Using the phpMyAdmin utility to administer the MySQL database
Using PHP to manipulate files
To identify and handle the three main types of errors that can occur when programming with PHP
Creating and modifying a PHP page

Customized PHP courses.
Training under industry experts.
Training through both theoretical as well as practical methodologies.
Project training in PHP on real-time projects.
Training for fresher's as well as experienced professionals.
Best infrastructural support with fully-facilitated computer labs, spacious classrooms with best seating facility and reliable internet facility available within the institute for the students.
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